Your Digital Teddy Bear

The TV looks back at you from across the room.

When it dies, you take it to the recycling station and buy another.  It has no name, no identity, no stylish, personalized, interchangeable case.

Not so with your smartphone.  Your relationship with a mobile device is much more intimate than with a television or desktop computer, more like a beloved teddy bear.  Your smartphone not only looks good, but it goes everywhere with you, including the bedroom.  3

Twenty percent of people have reported interrupting sex to answer a text message.

Fifty-two percent of people go to sleep at night with their phone within reach.

Fifty-one percent check their phones for messages first thing in the morning, even before getting out of bed.

Technology is not just about the office anymore.  App publishers must wisely position themselves to be seen and utilized when customers are ready and willing to engage.  Reaching customers in their most intimate places creates a lasting impression, so let’s work together to make it a good experience.

Learn how AdAdapted can help you create a lasting impression for your users.

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