Why Mobile Advertising is Still Underperforming

A few reasons why advertising isn’t working on mobile:

The ad experience on mobile phones is challenging for a number of reasons. The smaller screen sizes make most ads unattractive, privacy settings restrict targeting and short user sessions make providing more than one ad in front of a user nearly impossible.Meanwhile, encouraging readers to pay for mobile content has been an equally tough battle for many media companies. “There’s no easy way to push 300 by 50 [pixel] ads and build big money off of it,” said Mandar Shinde, AOL’s senior director of mobile and mail monetization.– Will Mobile’s Massive Growth Ever Equal Real Revenue? by Jason Del Rey, AdAge

We do agree with Mr. Shinde. Right now, there is “no easy way” to “push” these small banner ads on users and generate any positive results. This is mostly because advertisers are still following the same disruptive model that doesn’t work on small personal devices.

As long as the conversation in mobile advertising centers around display ads not much is going to change. Sure, you can make display ads bigger, add video, require users to view them, even pay users to view them. However, none of these evolutions actually effect the real problem. Users don’t like disruption on smartphones and will continue to avoid it the best ways they know how.

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