“What represent…

“What represented zero percent of Facebook’s ad revenues a year ago is on track to be a billion-dollar market this year in the United States alone.” (VentureBeat)

A year ago, Facebook figured out that mobile ads had to be tackled differently than desktop ads. Within one year of launching their mobile offering, fb now generates over 30% of their revenue from mobile. VentureBeat writer, Cheryl Morris, does a great job discussing how targeting, creative, and the ability to optimize play significant roles in the success of fb’s native ad units. She also breaks down how they’ve been able to move past the traditional CPM and CPC metrics into ROI and LTV metrics that reflect the actual value of customer. 

Read the full article on VentureBeat: http://venturebeat.com/2013/06/27/the-driving-forces-of-change-in-mobile-advertising/#RFDqpUqKw2DkZTJO.99 

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