The Evolution of Native Ads

Even as print ads decline, a definitive replacement has yet to be embraced across the mobile ad market. Native ads have a place, but people argue about the details—everything from definitions to ethics to engagement metrics is up for debate.

Nevertheless, native ads are growing. In a 2014 report, eMarketer found that spending on native ads would grow from $3.1 billion in 2014 to $5.0 billion three years later, claiming an ever increasing percentage of marketing budgets. eMarketer, based on other studies, postulates that native ads are more about branding than direct sales.

Despite the clouded outlook, brands are persisting with native ads. Advertisers can’t watch and wait or they will fall behind.

If Advertisers watch and wait, there’s a good chance they’ll fall behind. What’s the solution? Take a chance! Or, better yet, buffer the risk by partnering with AdAdapted. Situated as leaders in mobile ad delivery, AdAdapted will help advertisers succeed in this uncertain territory.

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