The Data Around Digital and the Consumer Shopping Experience

The widespread adoption of mobile devices has led to drastic changes in consumer behavior, including how they plan and shop in store according to Brittany Mills, the director of digital marketing services at Mobiquity, Inc.

“You can no longer expect a customer to research pricing before shopping in a brick and mortar store. They are using the Price Check by Amazon App and scanning the barcode to see if they can purchase online while they are still in your store. Therefore, your social media content might not be as impactful at creating loyalty and you should shift your efforts to a loyalty program with unique rewards based on their purchasing patterns.”

In her article, Mills lists some statistics that she things are meaningful in today’s world and can possibly suggest trends going forward.

  • “The number of US mobile coupon users will rise from 12.3 million in 2010 to 53.2 million in 2014, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones. (Source: eMarketer, 2013)
  • Retailers’ apps take up the most of consumers’ time at 27%, followed by online marketplace at 20%, purchase assistant at 17%, price comparison at 14% and daily deals at 13%. (Source: AdMedia Partners, 2013)
  • Consumers spent six times as much time in retailers’ apps in December compared to a year earlier. (Source: Flurry, 2013)
  • 65% of U.S. shoppers research products and services on a PC and make a purchase in-store. (Source: Cisco, 2013)
  • 54% use, or would like to use, digital touchscreens in-store. (Source: Cisco, 2013)
  • 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores. (Source: Moosylvania, 2013)”

You can read the rest of Mills’ article here

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