The Average App Developer Makes What?!

It’s hard not to think of app developers as this generation’s rockstars:  AngryBirds Co-Founder Niklas Hed is said to be worth approx $100 million. Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, made a cool $400 million when he sold to Facebook.  The fellas over at Snapchat just turned down a $3 billion offer. The list goes on and on….

Well. Maybe not “on and on” that far…

A recent article by Forbes (How Much Do Apps Make?) paints a bleak picture around the direct revenue potential for the average mobile app developer:

  • The average Apple developer has 5 apps on iTunes, approx 40,000 downloads per app and earns about $.10 for every download. That’s only $4K in direct revenue from the average iTunes app.
  • Google  developers don’t fair any better. They also average 5 apps, with approx 60,000 downloads a piece, and earning roughly $.02 per download. That’s only $1125 per app.

These numbers only reflect direct revenue (money earned from paid downloads and in-app purchases). Now we see why so many developers turn to banner ads (as bad as they are!).

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