Secrets to Mobile Advertising’s Future

An overabundance of shoddy mobile ads has saturated the market and changed pricing for the worst. Many advertisers and publishers are lacking an effective solution for integrating effective ads on screens under 5 inches, and Lucia Moses at DigiDay places the blame equally on advertisers and publishers.

Native mobile advertising is all aboutThe reality is that mobile ad design is still in its infancy. It is unrealistic to expect instant success, but some app publishers have demonstrated approaches that do work. Buzzfeed focuses on images and video for both content and ads. The contextual match-up makes the ads seem organic to the overall site. The Weather Company places a bright, stylish static ad over a picturesque background that displays the weather summary.

Native mobile advertising is all about the perfect balance between message and delivery–a balance that AdAdapted can help publishers and advertisers expertly measure.

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