Secrets to App Publishing Success

Success in mobile app development can seem fickle. The gurus duke it out over whether or not publishers should only offer paid apps or free apps with in-app purchases. Developer Economics, in their 2014 State of the Developer Nation report, aim to better understand what makes some publishers successful and others, not so much.

Developer Economics pulled out some interesting facts for publishers looking for a foothold. For example, Enterprise apps (29%) and Other apps (24%) were at the top of the charts for Highest Earning App Categories. Games (17%), Education (17%), and Kids (16%) were at the bottom of that chart, probably pulled down by hobbyist developers.

When looking at revenue models, there is little difference between paid app success (18%) and free apps with in-app purchases (19%). In fact, more publishers find success when they earn through per device royalties (32%), contract work (30%), subscriptions (29%), and affiliate programs (28%).  That’s a lot of opportunity for those with persistence and a good idea. AdAdapted is eager to use our experience with mobile advertising to help budding app publishers become successful.

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