Promotional and Coupon Campaigns Prove to Drive In-Store Sales

eMarketer estimates that the US CPG and consumer products industry will spend over $2 billion on mobile advertising this year, representing 47 percent of digital ad spending in the entire industry.

Blog Post 3To delve deeper into how this type of spending will effect in-store sales, 4Info and Catalina conducted a study looking at 83 mobile campaigns across various CPG categories for 59 different brands; campaigns ranged between 4 and 38 weeks with a duration of an average of 12 weeks. The study found that CPG brand mobile ad campaigns produced an average of half a million dollars in in-store sales, and in-store sales per thousand impressions were $30 on average with a high of $76.33.

Interestingly, the study also found that mobile campaigns running promotional content or coupons drove the highest in-store sales at around $993,000, and in-store sales per thousand impressions were $40 for promotional campaigns compared to only $26.12 for brand equity. eMarketer estimated that a whopping 97.4 million adult mobile users will acquire coupons for both online and offline shopping on their mobile devices, most likely driving these numbers even higher in the next year.

Overall, current research proves to be on our side: To drive sales, mobile is an absolute must. Promotional, context-focused ads drove those 83 mobile campaigns, and it can drive your campaigns, since AdAdapted already adopted similar strategies and found huge success. Get in touch to find out how AdAdapted can help craft yet another success story.

Take a look at the full artcle here.

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