Native Advertising Leading the Pack

Native advertising continues its ascent up the mobile advertising food chain.  According to a new study by IHS Inc., mobile native advertising will account for 63.2% of all mobile advertising by 2020, representing $53.4 billion in ad revenue.

World: Native share of total mobile display advertising (%) (Graphic: Business Wire)

The rise of the smartphone has certainly helped propel the native advertising trend, with approximately 3.3 billion smartphones in use globally at the end of 2015.  This number is expected to increase to over 5 billion in just two short years.

Who then, is best positioned to capture this growth? Third-party in-app native advertisers, like AdAdapted, are projected to be the fastest growers.  Revenues in this space are anticipated to grow at a 70.7% clip through the end of the decade.  From a geographical perspective, North America should remain a leading region in third party in-app advertising.

While such findings do not spell doom for other mobile advertising formats, native in-app advertising may cement its spot as a dominant force in the industry for years to come.  Click here, to read more.

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