Native Ads Keep Apps Free – And Consumers Happy!

Everybody likes a good, free mobile app.  Whether it’s a game for your kids to play or a new take on task management, free apps give consumers a low-risk opportunity to explore new ideas.

In late 2014, eMarketer reported findings that publishers and advertisers long suspected: Consumers prefer apps supported by in-app ads (35.7%) over those supported by in-app purchases (10.1%).

But ads are useless without engagement. Early data from ad tech firm Celtra shows native ads 5performing five times better than standard ads for expandable banner ad format on a smartphone (3.23% over 0.64%).

Native advertising isn’t just about clever placement or even a well-crafted headline; they engage users with relevant content.

At AdAdapted, we know this is why native ads work better, and particularly why they work so well on the intimate platforms of mobile technology.

Learn how AdAdapted can help your company deliver relevant and engaging content to keep your consumers happy.

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