Native Ads Are the Technicolor Future

What do banner ads and Lisa Frank, benevolent overlord of rainbow-hued happy animals, have in common?  The answer should be obvious, so I won’t insult your intelligence.

What banner ads and Lisa Frank don’t have in common is authenticity.  That is why Lisa Frank still delights six-year-old girls over thirty years later and banner ads have run their course, and then some.

It’s not enough to have eyeballs on your ads anymore.  Advertising is so ubiquitous that, like car alarms, people are both annoyed by them and used to tuning them out.

Two keys to breaking through this detached ad-weariness are:



Native ads, rather than becoming the next generation of the loathsome banner, have the potential to be the saving grace of mobile advertising.  To make this work, advertisers and app publishers must use native ads conscientiously, as a way to connect with consumers by delivering products that help and ideas that enlighten.

Even if it is a rainbow unicorn-kitten with butterfly wings.

Become a part of the future of mobile advertising.

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