Lessons for Publishers From Springpad’s Fall

Springpad was a success story. Until it wasn’t. Lacking a clear identity — was it an enterprise or a consumer product? — and revenue model, Springpad lost ground to other productivity apps until it could not maintain its foothold and venture funding.

small businessCo­founders Jeff Janer and Jeff Chow are moving on to other projects, but not without a clear-­eyed idea of what went wrong and what they would do differently in the future. App publishers fold all the time, and for many reasons, some of which are avoidable. Janer urges consumer app publishers to be unique and not to try to be everything to everyone.

Janer also suggests that, once you have your idea, build a strong business, even if it’s small — even if it’s just one person. Be clear about your revenue model. When you are ready to monetize, AdAdapted will remove the mystery of how to match with advertisers that share the vision you have for your app.

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