CPG Brands Find the Best Deals on Facebook

In the days of print ads and network TV, ads for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) reigned supreme. CPG brands now must adapt to a mobile world, find their audience, and stay relevant.

CPG ads

Marketing cloud tech company Unified published an infographic showing CPG brands how Facebook is both an effective and affordable way to advertise on mobile devices:

  • Facebook users are twice as likely to click on CPG ads
  • 46% of people use Facebook while running errands
  • CPGs have a 75% lower cost-per-impression on mobile devices
  • CPG mobile ads convert five times more users into fans than desktop feeds
  • Facebook users are less likely to watch videos from CPG brands than other companies

We can’t argue that Facebook doesn’t rake in huge success with mobile advertising, but what we can do is guarantee that AdAdapted’s experience in CPG can help brands get better engagement (and for less money) with mobile ads.

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