ComScore 2015 App Report

ComScore released their 2015 U.S. Mobile App report, which detailed ongoing trends in the space.  The first notable data point was the 49% increase in total digital media usage, with mobile apps having grown 90%, over the past 2 years.  In fact, growth is so prominent that smartphone apps are closing in on being a majority of all digital media time, and represent 66% of all digital media minutes.  Unsurprisingly, millennials are driving this trend, and each successive age group displays a decline in usage.  Overall, app audiences are indeed growing, with apps serving over 20 MM users growing 29% in the past year.  There are also over 100 apps and 400+ mobile web sites with over 5 MM users, an impressive statistic.



Some of the largest apps include Facebook, YouTube, and Google Search.  And within the top 25 mobile apps by usage, many are classified as utilities, social or entertainment based.  This is hardly surprising, given millennials’ social nature.  Which apps are most heavily dominated by millennials?  Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pandora Radio, and Snapchat reign supreme.

Another key piece of data worth pointing out: time spent within the top 1000 apps on average is about 18x greater than what mobile web visitors spend on their top 1000 properties.  The clear takeaway here is to focus resources on building out mobile app capabilities and publishers must look to millennials’ habits to be successful on a longer term basis.

Source: ComScore, 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report

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