Can Native Ads Save The Soul Of Digital Advertising?

With mobile advertising shifting into a new landscape filled with native and programmatic efforts, there are people who question both sides and wonder which will prevail. Can native ads be created on the scale to keep up with the ever growing digital scene? Can output reach the needed levels? Skeptics of programmatic on the other side wonder if the whole essence of programmatic makes it nothing but an inept oxymoron when combined with what native brings to the table.Jackson_5_on_Soul_Train

Can both ways co-exist and can they be somehow combined to use programmatic’s large scale abilities with native’s personal touch? From Judy Shapiro’s article on AdAge:

During the OMMA Native Ad Conference at Internet Week last month, I heard an ad tech executive proclaim, “But digital banner ads work. They keep publishers afloat.”

I literally gasped out loud. Aside from the fact that “keeping publishers afloat” is hardly a ringing endorsement, it highlighted how differently technologists and advertisers look at the world. Plainly put — from a business perspective — if digital advertising’s abysmal engagement rates are failing advertisers, they are failing everyone — publishers, agencies, advertisers and, of course, consumers. Game over. READ MORE


What Judy is saying is that for everyone involved, more attention paid to engagement rates can be quite beneficial. If engagement rates are poor, that means an advertiser is not getting enough attention, consumers are being dealt ads that they don’t want, and publishers may be alienating their consumer base with those ads that the consumers don’t want. Poor advertising isn’t just a reflection on the advertiser, but the publishers as well. In order for everyone to benefit, engagement rates need to be better.

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