Banners vs. Native: Advertisers Don’t Have to Choose

Here is a really interesting piece about programmatic buying versus native advertising. The debate is still pretty consistent: Should advertisers focus on scale and a high level of targeting, or focus on serving highly engaging ads.

“The digital media landscape appears to be splitting. On the one side is a world of custom integrations and native advertising. Meanwhile, the packaged squares are increasingly traded in real time through programmatic buying. Both are important trends.”- Digiday, What’s More Important: Native Ads or Programmatic Buying?

In the mobile app/game world, AdAdapted is walking the line between both of these sides— And we’re gathering more and more validation that is exactly what advertisers will be looking for. Check out this quote by John Batelle from the same Digiday article:


Why can’t advertisers have the best of both worlds: The scalability of a banner ad network and the ad units associated with native models?

“If I had to wager a guess, I’d have to say that programmatic will be a larger force, but only if you take “native” to mean the native units at domain-specific platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like. But it’s very important to define your terms here because in five years time, I think you will be able to buy all of these “native” units across a unified “programmatic” platform — and that platform has not yet been built. We are, as an industry, heading in that direction, and it’s a very exciting one. When programmatic merges with native and is fueled by data and a transparent, objective framework, everyone wins.”- John Battelle, founder and executive chairman, Federated Media

Don’t get us wrong, John is most likely talking specifically about a web solution, not native mobile applications. But what he’s describing here conceptually, this platform that is still 5 years out, is possible now!

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