Your Digital Shopping Assistant

The line between online shopping and brick-and-mortar retailers is blurring as consumers are increasingly using their smartphones in-store to research products, compare prices, and even make purchases.  This creates a marketplace that is moving much faster than appears on the surface.  Savvy consumers expect to find what they want at the price that they want — one way or another.

InReality, a retail marketing and strategy firm, recently published a report,”Reality of Retail,” showing that 75% of shoppers are using their smartphones while they browse.


For mobile app advertisers, this is an opportunity to command the focused attention of consumers who are ready to spend money.  In fact, InReality found that 56% of shoppers considered advertising important to their in-store purchase decisions.

At AdAdapted, we reach this very audience in the apps shoppers use everyday.

Contact us to learn how we can help your brand reach this fast-growing audience through custom, turn-key brand integration native to each app.

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