What are Advertisers Looking for? A Connection with your App Users.

Digital marketers are frustrated by “banner blindness”, bot-fraud, and accidental clicks that come with traditional mobile display. However, almost all say they’d spend more if they could more effectively “connect” with the users they’re trying to reach.

Recently, MillwardBrown conducted a survey of 300 digital marketing decision makers.  Their results, as shown in this infographic, reveal that many advertisers have been disappointed by the failure of digital marketing to live up to its potential. Advertisers believe that many of the current digital formats may actually hurt their brands.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.00.07 AM

Many traditional mobile advertisements act as annoyances to the user. People don’t want to sit through a thirty second video or accidentally swipe a banner ad taking them out of the app they’re trying to use.

These types of ads can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and brand trust: 30% of digital marketers believe that these intrusive ads damage brand trust and 37% believe their ads suffer from “banner blindness” – people don’t pay attention to anything that resembles a banner ad.

81% of the surveyed marketers believe appealing to users’ emotions would help combat the “banner blindness” and 88% say they’d spend more money on mobile advertising if they were able to create this connection.

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