Shopping, Productivity & Messaging: The Future of Mobile

Now more than ever people are attached to their mobile devices. Whether shopping, music, entertainment, or organization, our mobile device has become a pivotal part of navigating through our daily lives.

While recent years experienced massive growth in games and entertainment, in 2014 a new leader entered the mobile revolution.

In 2014, overall app usage, defined as “a user opening an app and recording what we call a session,” grew by a whopping 76%, according to Flurry Analytics. Most exciting for us here at AdAdapted is where users spent most of their time. Every app store category saw growth, but Shopping, Utilities & Productivity, & Messaging all experienced triple growth in 2014.


As Simon Khalaf states in his article, “smartphone users opened more Utilities & Productivity apps in 2014, confirming that our phones and tablets have become indispensable devices that help us work and keep our lives organized.”

This shift in users relying on their mobile devices for everyday lifestyle needs presents huge opportunities for retailers.

Khalaf states,

“Target stores have said it views “mobile as the new front door to Target”, and that mobile front door is increasingly in-app. In 2014 68% of time spent on Target mobile properties was in-app vs. web, up from 21% in 2013, according to Comscore. Retailers need to adjust to the new reality of a multitude of stores in every consumer’s pocket, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

What will happen next in the mobile revolution? For more record-breaking stats and the full article, click here

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