Meet AdAdapted

There are brands that want to connect with your users, are willing to pay premium rates and play by your rules with customized ads and sponsored content. But you’ll need the scale, access to advertisers, and development resources to make it work. That’s where we come in.

What Sets Us Apart

Our technology was designed with you in mind

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Campaign Control

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to mobile advertising. Your team determines how often ads get served to each unique user, as well as what categories of advertisers and experiences are allowed.

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Ad Design/User Experience

We know user experience is everything. AdAdapted will work with your team to find the best places in your app for native ads and to design ads that integrate seamlessly into your app environment.

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Easy Integration

AdAdapted offers both SDK and API options to our app publishers. Both options are easy to integrate and support customized ad formats in your app.

Our Technology

Ease of Integration and Maximum Flexibility

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The AdAdapted Platform

Built for your Development Team, the AdAdapted platform is a web-based portal that allows your app developers to: 1) Register each unique mobile application (including information about reach, audience and context); 2) Define native ad templates in each application; 3) Integrate code giving sales team access to serve native inventory in your apps.

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Built for ease of use and flexibility, AdAdapted’s SDK provides the code needed to add dynamic ad placements in your application. Our SDK handles all the heavy lifting that goes along with an ad campaign, including: ad placement; interaction handling; ad tracking; custom reports for advertisers. Implementation setup is quick and simple, and only takes between 30 min – 3 hours depending on integration.

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Flexible Ad Solution

Our technology offers easy integration, control and management. Our backend analytics and platform offers total flexibility – creative content is customized to each app environment and reacts to the user experience.

Truly Native Ads

We believe app publishers know how to engage their users. We let you design the experience and only serve ads that fit your specifications.

For Apps with Grocery Lists

Let brands drive traffic and engagement to your app by helping consumers add items to your list.

Our Publishers