Small Time Apps Trumped by Top 200

We know that exciting new apps emerge every day–apps that can make our lives easier or simply offer a moment of distraction–but unfortunately for publishers, these new apps aren’t quite making it to the finish line.

A recent Nielsen analysis has revealed that over 70 percent of app user’s total usage is coming from the top 200 apps. Regardless of an increasing app market, the average app accessed by users per month has been steadily teetering at roughly 27 for the past 2 years.

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While the average app usage has remained stagnant, time spent in-app has increased by 63 percent from 23 hours per month in 2012 to almost 38 hours per month so far in 2015. A big thanks goes to the entertainment industry for this increase in app usage. In 2014 the entertainment category saw a 26 percent growth with a 13 percent increase in user audience.

Although men tend to use apps slightly more than women, female users seem to be paving the way in terms of time spent: Women spend around 38 hours per month in-app compared to 36 hours per month for men.

AdAdapted may not be in the entertainment industry, but we can still effectively increase user engagement and time spent in both small and big-time apps. If you want to get started, drop us a line.

For a complete summary of the Nielsen report, take a look here.

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