Mobile Continues to Influence Consumers

Mobile-Ad-Types_NativeMobile advertising has increased all stages of shopper’s path-to-purchase which has only happened in the last few years. In this article by NinthDecimal, they discovered that 70% of consumers are trying a new product from a direct result of seeing a mobile ad. CPG brands are starting to take advantage of these mobile native ads to help influence shoppers to buy. Consumers are starting to increase their mobile device usage while grocery shopping which helps increase CPG brands purchase life cycle.

Millennials will become a huge part of this market. 56% of grocery shopping app users are millennials. Millennials have become an important influence on mobile technology.   Over 50% percent of millennials are reviewing shopping list via their mobile device which has increase since 2013. Advertisers and brands will need to keep increasing their native ads into their mobile apps to help influence their consumers.

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