Millennial Moms

millennial momsDiscussed briefly in the last article, millennials are over half of the users using shopping list apps since 2013. In the article, Path to Purchase Institute points out that these mothers are looking for new ways to feed their families and be cost conscious. They are looking online for new recipes and the best deals for their dollar.

Millennial moms are heavily influenced through social media and the internet. Over 7% of millennial moms are strongly influenced by smartphone/apps compared to Generation X moms. This proves that millennials are a great demographic to target because they have such a huge influence on the digital world.




    In fact, most millennial moms don’t want to raise their children the same way they were brought up. They want to be more involved than baby boomers, for whom “parenting” wasn’t even yet a verb, but they want to hover a little less than those helicopter moms of Gen X. Just as they believe in a diverse portfolio of social media accounts, they are aiming to employ aspects of many different child-raising philosophies in their homes.

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