Innovation for E-Commerce


E-commerce sales are 10% below retail sales according to U.S. Census Bureau. Many Consumer Packaged Goods, also know as CPG, are a new concept for shoppers. Due to today’s tech-savvy shoppers, they believe every purchase, including grocery shopping, should be available at the touch of their finger. This is where unique native ads come into play.

83% of Americans currently have smartphones. Mobile has been proven to attract more consumers through integrated ads because of the easy access they have on mobile apps. Mobile has not just attracted Millennials but also active seniors and Baby Boomers. These consumers care about value and functionality. For instance, an “add this” feature feels like a natural habit to them.


  1. Karell Cespedes

    I totally agree with your post, my wife an I own a printing business since 2012 and the number of mobile devices used to visit our website has increased so drastically that we needed to adapt and update our online printing shop to be mobile friendly in order to provide a great user experience to our mobile visitors. We even invested recently on a web design tool that is compatible with mobile and desktop to let all our users create their free graphic design right on the website before ordering any business card, flyer or other promotional items.

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