Grocery’s Slow-But-Steady Advance in Mobile Apps

When it comes to mobile app popularity, grocery is a tortoise: steadfastly plugging along, gradually gaining. Some naysayers have declared grocery dead in the fast-­paced wild kingdom of mobile apps.  Stephen F. DeAngelis, writing for the Enterra Solutions blog, claims that grocery mobile apps are just beginning to mature.

For a sector steeped in traditional pathways­ to ­purchase, this should come as no surprise. A survey conducted for Symphony EYC in late 2012 found that, while the majority of shoppers (68.7%) preferred to use a traditional store to buy groceries, over 40% were interested in ordering online for home delivery. Consumers are already using their mobile devices in stores for shopping lists, price comparisons, coupons, reviews, recipes, and even online purchasing.

With major players yet-to-­be identified in grocery mobile apps, there is tremendous opportunity for publishers to establish themselves as the king or queen of food mountain. AdAdapted’s experience with grocery brands will help publishers mount that summit. Once grocery mobile apps become really competitive, those who get to the top first will be hard to knock down.

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