App Downloads Continue to Rise, but the Money Is up in the Air

The number of app users is growing, but those willing to pay are declining, with about one-third of mobile users paying for an app in 2015.  This isn’t surprising news to the many app developers struggling to earn a living.  The deluge of free apps has created a race to the bottom, making it difficult for quality work to stand out amidst the flood of sub-par offerings.

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Since the shifting app market doesn’t always move predictably, the nut of mobile advertising has yet to be cracked.  Publishers and advertisers need to keep trying new design, new technology, and new revenue models until they find the sweet spot where consumers will engage, publishers will get paid, and advertisers will successfully reach their target audience.

AdAdapted has the experience to help publishers cross these choppy waters, find advertising that fits their audience, and earn the money they deserve for their work.

Learn how we can help you tap into in-app advertising opportunities to earn premium revenue without compromising user experience.

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