Ad Blocker Adoption

As discussed earlier, millennials are employing ad-blocking software at an increasing rate.  In a recent article, AdWeek seeks to discover the underlying reasons for such aggressive action on the part of users.  According to 55% of consumers interviewed, pre-roll is the most intrusive video format.  On the other hand, native ad formats were only rated most intrusive 25% of the time.  Advertisers should take note: native advertisements may help slow ad-blocker growth, while simultaneously provided enhancer engagement with users.




Moreover, when ads hinder the performance of a site, users are more likely to install ad-blockers.  Another win for native ads here, which are generally less likely to worsen site performance.

Finally, privacy concerns were stated as an additional reason 54% of the time.  Ads that look trustworthy and instating frequency caps should be a main goal of advertisers.

While the trend may appear alarming for publishers and advertisers alike, rest assured that there are solutions, and native ads in particular may help to reduce ad-blocking.

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